Our Team

Vassilis Fragoulakis - General Manager
We could tell you to Google him. With an extensive and successful experience as a Hotel Manager in the best hotels around Crete, Vassilis leads the way for Paralos Hospitality. And that’s why we call him the Guru. When not keeping an eye on everything and mentoring the team, he likes to take photos with his old Kodak.


Marili Milolidaki - Executive Assistant
Every business has a key person, a passepartout, multi-talented, and organizational, always with a smile and in a good mood. Marili is the person who, among other things, is behind the new creative projects, organises the exhibitions and photo shoots, takes care of the descriptions, answers customer comments, and backs up everything we need. In her spare time, she does Pilates, walks Nionios - her dog - and cooks healthily.


Antonios Tsiknakis - Operations Manager
Antonis is a people’s guy. He is a smooth operator, skilled in planning and optimising procedures. He seamlessly combines that with constant team support and motivation. And that has been proven again and again throughout his broad hotel background. When not organising the hotels, he likes to take care of his backyard garden and play tennis with his old mates.


Giannis Psilakis - Food and Beverage Manager
Giannis is the cool guy who knows which wine pairs with which dish, how to properly serve a stirred martini, and how to set up a hotel menu that sells. As one of the pillars of Paralos Hospitality is Gastronomy and Authentic Service, Giannis is the eye that checks if everything runs smoothly at the hotel outlets. You will find him planning his next exotic trip in his free time.


Aleka Pappa - Reservations and Revenue Manager
Aleka has some crazy stories to tell when not setting up the channel manager and tour operator price panels. Having worked hands-on in the Rooms Division in pioneering hotels, Aleka will suggest new ways to make your hotel really sell. She likes keeping things tidy, in and outside her PC, and takes no jokes when it comes to work. Aleka plans short trips in her free time and misses no chance to discover the world.


Vivi Xenaki - Reservations Agent
Swiftly and responsibly, Vivi can quickly enter new reservation lists in the PMS and still tackle a demanding guest’s email efficiently. Vivi never fails to be chic and likes to bake and cook hearty tastes in her free time.


Giasemi Stevi - Reservations Agent
Teaming up well with the reservation team, Giasemi is very thorough when it comes to entering data and suggesting alternatives in new room requests. Giasemi keeps her young spirit alive and is fun to hang around with. She likes to decorate and redecorate her home and is looking forward to starting yoga again.


Ioanna Malamou - Reservations Agent
Ioanna is always kind and well-intentioned. She balances her personal and professional life with a smile and in her spare time she practices on the reformer.


Filia Stratidaki - Head of F&B Cost Control
Organized and strict, when the position calls for it, Filia can organize a hotel’s warehouse at a glance. With her experience in the field in big hotel chains, she can spot the gap and suggest ways to make this neuralgic hotel field run both transparently and efficiently. She is into NLP therapy – neurolinguistic programming, duh! - and is a brave winter swimmer.


Georgia Koniosi - Digital Marketing Specialist
Young, cheerful, and always kind, with a background in the digital world. Don’t let her silent look fool you; Georgia has an opinion and stands for it. When not creating the way for your hotel to conquer its place in social media and the internet overall, Georgia is a foodie of her time, always informed about new restaurant openings.


Maria Kariotaki - Budgeting and Reporting Specialist
Patience and goodwill. Two of her many assets and the way she makes numbers talk to her. Maria will find the missing value, organize the spreadsheets in ways that make sense, and provide all the necessary information to make the next decision. In her free time, Maria explores new makeup techniques to master the perfect look and explores her skills on wooden craft decorations.