A new venture in South Crete

Rolling hills splendour and pure luxury in perfect harmony with nature.

Category | Pure Lux

The Concept | Stylish | Quality | Local | Modern | Cretan Gastronomy

Opening | 2025
Location | South Crete, Greece
Objectives | A newly built hotel following the latest trends in hospitality.
Plot | 20 acres
Rooms | 80 rooms and suites with sharing and private pools


All from scratch. Build the hotel following the latest architectural trends in complete harmony with Southern Crete's nature. Design and implement the concept and offer high-end services to guests infused with the unique Cretan hospitality.


Paralos Hospitality is appointed to implement the hotel concept, architectural design, construction, branding, marketing, sales, recruiting, and day-to-day management and operations. The goal is to make the hotel a successful business with an extended season and a strong marketing positioning and strategy. The whole property will be built based on the highest sustainable standards and with respect to local nature, community and environment.